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Intern Spotlight – Haley Foster

“You will be with JEM now.” This is what my pool manager told me back in 2018. I remember hating the idea of switching lifeguarding companies because I had always been with StarGuard. However, I believe this has been the best decision of my life and

Current/Past Area of Study: I attended the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Communication in 2019.

What made you do the internship for Jeff Ellis Management?

Haley: I wanted to do the JEM internship because I wanted to grow my skills and leadership role through aquatics and knew this would be the best learning opportunity and way to help get me where I want to be.

What were some of the projects you worked on throughout this program?

Haley: The project I helped work on is Supervisor Training. JEM Hawaii didn’t have a training so with our experience of going through learning how to be a great supervisor, and a big part of leadership role, we helped develop what it takes to be a great supervisor and operations a supervisor should follow.

How has JEM helped contribute to your career interests?

Haley: JEM has helped contribute to my carreer interest because I have always had aquatic jobs and wanted to grow but never felt I had been given the opportunity. The internship helped me not only grow, but show others my skills and knowledge in the field and how I can be a positive asset to their team.

What is your next step? Are you done at JEM? What will you be doing?

Haley: My next step is to stay in my supervisor role and learn more responsibilities and knowledge so I can later grow into a manager position and higher.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about applying for the internship program?

Haley: I would 100% recommend the internship program. It was so fun and I got to learn so much about not only operations but what it takes to become a great leader for a team and characteristics of a great team member. The internship not only gave good advice but also put you in the situation so you can actually learn in the setting you are training for.

Thank you again for the opportunity!

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