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JEM travel is an absolutely AMAZING OPPORTUNITY

Nashville. The Music City. Home of hot chicken. The Birthplace of bluegrass music. And the bright and energetic background of the Gaylord Opryland

This will be my 5th year with Jeff Ellis Management. Currently, I am an Operations Manager and my home base is in Illinois. The first time JEM travel was introduced to me, was in winter of 2020. After familiarizing myself with this opportunity, I knew I had to seize it. My first stop was Oahu, Hawaii. I was stationed at the Disney Aulani resort.

My first shift at Aulani, I went through an extensive on the job training in order to get myself comfortable with each area we operate. I picked up great skills on the way that I still use to this day and I knew if I had any questions or concerns, the Hawaii management team would be more than happy to guide me in the right direction. Something I really enjoy every time I go travel with JEM is all the sightseeing’s and adventures I get to go on once work is done and all the friends I make along the way.

My second stop with JEM travel was the Gaylord Rockies Arapahoe Springs Resort in Aurora, Colorado. Every new facility brings new experiences, new opportunities, and new friendships. In Colorado, I got EAVS (Ellis Aquatics Vigilance System) certified, and began learning about pool maintenance. This experience opened me up to more new facilities and adventures with JEM in the future. While in Colorado, I had the opportunity to visit amazing local museums and see wild animals that are not common in my area.

JEM travel is an absolutely amazing opportunity to learn more about the aquatics careers, experience the world and much more. Even if you are just trying to dip your toes in the water, becoming a JEM lifeguard would show all the best qualities of the industry.

– Alex Khodan

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